Thermal insulation for attic or loft

Thermal insulation The summer heat and the winter cold and windy weather makes the roof space feel uncomfortable.

The version with ordinary materials and solutions of thermal insulation works very often cause avoidable engineering errors: different insulation thicknesses, missing insulation in hard to reach places, connection leaks, faulty wind resistance. An insulation thickness reaches 20-25 cm with typical execution on renovation or roof extension.

Request for quotation

Request for quotation

Up to 70% you can save on energy costs! Instead of heating to go on holiday!

Make the right decision! Get informed now!  Their savings in one year - heating and cooling-period expected - possibly over 1000,-euros may be. Example way, they can finance the next holidays as a result. -

More revenue and less operating costs

More revenue and less operating costsThe solution is very simple! Let us take example from the animal world. If an animal freezes in the cold, builds his body from an insulating layer of fat and fur. The energy intake (food) is used for body protection, there is little muscle (meat) is formed.                      

If a barn is well insulated, the livestock will develop into a well-running meat breed. Less cold in winter, less heat in the summer, healthy and low-fat meat animals bring more revenue.

Appreciation and annual cost savings is equal to - Profit!

cost savingsDo you want to create a building that holds its value over the long term? If the building is insulated properly, you can achieve the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance or passive house requirements. So a building is environmentally friendly and saves operating costs. It can meet the expectations of future principals and easier to sell. The sale price is stable in the long term. They have a stable investment and low operating costs!

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