In general

In generalECOPUR-PU spot foam heat insulation system permits totally new constructions and applications with its airtight, vapor barrier and heat insulating properties in connection with a high pressure resistance and adherence in the building industry.
This construction with closed cell spot foam shows an actual U-value that is less than the half of the calculated heat conductivity.

You can insulate roof constructions from the outside, without bothering the inner life of the loft. This way, it is possible to foam with polyurethane steep roofs directly from underneath on the bottom side of the roof covering without a roof foil, shuttering and counter batten. The whole construction is integrated in the foam, and so it is almost free of heat bridges.

Such a roof shows an extreme weather resistance against wind, rain, snow and even hailstorm. ECOPUR PU-spot foam is excellent for the heat insulation of passive houses. It is possible to produce passive house walls with less than 25 cm thickness-all free of heat bridges and airtight.

The builder obtains heat armor with ECOPUR PU-spot foam, which is more effective than other available, prefabricated insulation material with the same heat conductivity. It is possible to conduct the heat insulation as a thermic skin in one piece around the house without interruptions and heat bridges and with smart architectural design- to isolate the building literally hermetically from the outside world.

In generalThe closed cell spot foam reaches the maximum of its heat insulation capability within a few minutes. If the surface temperature should be maintained, a bigger layer thickness would be needed. The insulation work can be implemented very shortly, within few days. In order to insulate the loft completely- with approximately 150 m2 surface- no more than two or three days are necessary. The implementation is fast and practical. If there is an inner lining of the roof panel, the implementation can take place from outside. The roof panel will be removed and the work will be carried out from the outside and the roof panel will be laid again.

The PUR-spot foam is step proof, it has a material density: 35-60 kg/m³ and pressure resistance: 195-400 kPa. The processing is very fast, sticks immediately together and the foam is step proof just after a few minutes. These properties paired with advantageous price ensure the extreme good efficient category of this insulation procedure.

This construction shows an actual U-value with closed cell spot foam that is less than the half of the calculated heat conductivity. Polyurethane foam is an insulation material with outstanding properties.