ImplementationThe ECOPUR spot foams arrive in factory-made, hermetically closed metal barrels to the construction site. Two of these barrels contain the components of foam A (hardener) and B (resin), which form one set. The fluid material is transported from the barrels with transfer pumps to the filling and weighing machine that produces the required pressure and temperature by means of a compressor.

The heated pipes (2) with both components can hold the set values to 90 m long. Both components come first into direct contact in the blending chamber of the pistol and they are sprayed on the surface needing insulation in fluid state. Then, the expansion of the foam occurs by a chemical reaction that is closed after 4-7 seconds.

The pipe being to 90 m long, permits a direct application in 99% of cases without having to move the machine, though, it could be possible due to the rubber wheels. ECOPUR spray foam engineering uses a fast reacting foam, that way, it can be applied overhead, too. The single components are transported through a special high pressure facility in separated material pipes to the spray pistol and they are blended immediately before the discharge from the spray pistol and  they expand to a closed insulation layer  within few seconds. The required material thickness can be reached by putting on several layers.

ImplementationThis seamless spray procedure permits a valuable and long-lasting heat insulation to be achieved even in difficult surfaces with producing a special and effective heat insulation.

Polyurethane spray foam has got an unmatched insulation impact, polyurethane has no stacks or seams, polyurethane spray foam has proved itself in agriculture, industry or in house building for many years. Even the condensation water formation in not insulated steel halls is the past after putting on the seamless insulation.

Insulation with spot foams barely needs workplace, only the pickup with the filling and weighing machine requires a parking place. The insulation works can be implemented very shortly, within few days.

For a complete heat insulation of the loft- approximately 150 m2 surface- you don’t need more implementation work than two or three days. The completion is very fast and useful. If there is an inner lining present, the completion can take place from the outside. The roof panel will be removed, the work is done from the outside and the roof panel is laid again.