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Facade insulation

Facade insulation

It is very important for the modern builders that the heat loss is reduced in the highest measure and reduce energy costs. To achieve this, the facade design is of utmost importance. In addition to well-chosen doors and windows, the insulation of the facade is also very important.

The predominant part of the heat loss is to the calculation of the facade. For the insulation work, a large number of insulation materials available.

In most cases, what appears favorable in the first glance turns out to be mistake. The cheap material price is the one side, the other side is a more expensive installation, and many expensive additional materials, additional constructions, long installation time, fixing problems, etc. ... etc.

Subsequent thermal insulation

Subsequent thermal insulation

If a subsequent heat insulation of low value? .. 

Doubtful, but not by our exceptional sprayed polyurethane foam technology, since it is such a universal usable technology of roof heat insulation, moisture prevention or A Flat roof insulation and much more can be done. 

(Only added in parenthesis that this corresponds to a structural engineering preparation is necessary, and always associated with overtime and usually abort, which previously must be "normally" done.)

Basement insulation

Basement insulation

It is parallel heat and water insulation. Through our exceptional sprayed polyurethane foam technology, you can quickly and easily strip your basemen. 

you would be interested in asking to ask us to call respect as request.



The PU foam is suitable for sealing against moisture or water. Its applications range from construction through foundations pools up roof waterproofing.

The polyurethane ( PU) foam is an extraordinary efficient heat insulation material , which can also be used as a seal. Due to its closed cell structure throughout the cross-section water-resistant and rot-proof, so it can also be used simultaneously as a waterproofing layer and insulation. The foam can be applied directly to gravel pebbles or foil and on the hardened concrete surface equal . The result is a fully enclosed tub with two functions, insulation and waterproofing.

Noise and sound insulation

Noise and sound insulationThe conventional insulation materials can meet any sound-absorbing function in the roof area, because the absolute wind resistance is not achieved. This foam technology is able to achieve full isolation density agent. There is nowhere come through the sound waves without obstacles cavities.

The "sandwich panel effect" reduces the resonance range of the impact sound. With proper design a structure, using the PUR foam the soundproofing function improved significantly.

Insulation for interior

Insulation for interior

The expanding in or on the construction PUR - foam fills perfectly the standing to available space from , find the smallest gaps , voids, cracks and angles and also adjusts every bump without a defective or of damaging pressure is created or applied permanently. The insulating materials are self-adhesive and stick without retention to most building materials and primers, adjacent structures and other insulation materials. The expanded foam is airtight.

This property excludes the formation of the convective air circuit , as well as no air can penetrate into the interior of the finished insulation.

By the " air by seeping " conventional insulation resulting heat loss and the consequent generation of steam also is larger and also more harmful than the "normal" heat loss and the conventional vapor diffusion.

The available spaces between the rafters are sufficient for the PUR insulation material.

Insulation for building elements 10

Insulation for building elements

The cells are separated from each other in closed cell foam plastics (e.g.: pipes, joints and gaskets). The closed cells prevent air exchange and don’t exert capillary attraction on liquids. The closed cell structure of PU spot foam ensures a continuous surface that meets this demand outstandingly. If there is no vapor pressure, the insulation won’t have any moisture content. 

Because of its closed cell structure, ECOPUR-HS PU foam can be used wherever insulation is needed. By these features, it is waterproof and rotproof across the whole cross section, and this way, it can be used as a water sealing, too.

A closed insulation layer comes into being by insulation of a cooling pipe with polyurethane spray-foam, there is no dripping water formation.

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