More revenue and less operating costs

More revenue and less operating costsThe solution is very simple! Let us take example from the animal world. If an animal freezes in the cold, builds his body from an insulating layer of fat and fur. The energy intake (food) is used for body protection, there is little muscle (meat) is formed.                      

If a barn is well insulated, the livestock will develop into a well-running meat breed. Less cold in winter, less heat in the summer, healthy and low-fat meat animals bring more revenue.

More revenue and less operating costs 2

Let the animals to heat the room itself and install no additional heating! You do this through efficient insulation with polyurethane-spray foam injection technology.

According executed insulation also functions as a seal against water. A solution for two functions!    


The bill goes on:

  • Qualitative goods (meat production)
  • Less heating costs
  • Sealing is solved