Open and closed cellular

Open and closed cellularFoam plastics obtain a cellular structure after foaming expansion of plastics: little ball-shaped cavities lie on each other or partly proceed to each other. The cavities are filled with air or other gas. In doing so, open cell, closed cell and blended cell foam plastics for insulation come into being. The cell cavities are connected in open cell foam plastics (e.g.: flushing sponge) They are capable to absorb a liquid by capillarity. If they are used in the building industry, then the best use is for sound damping or for internal insulation.

In closed cell foam plastics (e.g.: pipes or gaskets), the cells are separated from each other. The closed cells prevent air exchange and don’t exert capillarity on liquids. The closed cell spot foam is one of the best airtight materials all over the world. The air passage is 0,000011 l/sm2. with a strength of 2,5 cm.

By comparison: a PE vapor barrier foil ranges in a scale of 0,0004 l/sm2, thus it is 360 times worse! ECOPUR-HS PU-foam is an actual heavy weight champion with its mass per unit area of approx. 35kg/m3. The 10%-pressure resistance of 195 kPa results in an extreme hard foam that acts improving in erecting the structure integrity and stiffness in contrast to other materials.

Not only is air seeping prevented with this foam, even wind gusts get ineffective that would shatter easy constructions otherwise. In the USA, trials were made with the result that constructions with our closed cell spot foam in connection with OSB underground, 25% and in connection with drywall, 200% more torsional stiffness could be produced than in conventional insulated objects.

Open and closed cellularECOPUR-SS PU-foam is an open cellular, semirigid polyurethane insulation system on two component basis. It is produced by a regulated mechanical manufacture. After blending and spraying, the liquid mixture immediately expands 120-fold of its fluid own volume. At the same time, the water serves as the solely propellant in the mixture! This unusual high expansion capability produces an unparalleled low density of the foam: 8 kg/m3.

This material can be considered almost weight neutral e.g: in the renovation and modernization of an old roof framework. With an insulation strength of 20 cm the strain only amounts 1,6 kg / m2 and thus the material can be put on permanently without complicated substructure or retention points. The expanding foam permanently adheres to all backgrounds and constructions and forms an airtight layer.

Because of its open cell structure, ECOPUR-SS is only suitable for application purposes in inner areas and it must not be exposed to pressure strain. It is very well suitable for heat insulation of easy construction residential buildings (with wood-, or steel construction), for loft installation and for assembled partition walls, for example from gypsum cardboard.