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Insulation for buildings

Insulation for buildings

PU-spot foam is suitable for sealing against moisture or water. Its application area ranges from foundations and swimming pools to roof sealing. 

Polyurethane(PUR)-foam material is an extraordinarily efficient heat insulating stuff. Because of its closed cell structure, it is waterproof and rotproof across the whole cross section and it can be used as a water sealing layer at the same time. 

The foam can be directly applied on ballast or foil and can be covered with concrete on the hardened surface. This way, a completely closed tub comes into being with two functions: insulation and sealing. 

ECOPUR-PU-spot foam spray engineering permits the heat insulation to be produced in dado with relatively thin layer and with outstanding features. This way, a waterproof insulation layer is also produced as a sealing enclosing the construction seamlessly.

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