Thermal insulation for attic or loft

Thermal insulation The summer heat and the winter cold and windy weather makes the roof space feel uncomfortable.

The version with ordinary materials and solutions of thermal insulation works very often cause avoidable engineering errors: different insulation thicknesses, missing insulation in hard to reach places, connection leaks, faulty wind resistance. An insulation thickness reaches 20-25 cm with typical execution on renovation or roof extension.

Thermal insulation 2

If the building is insulated properly, you can achieve the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance or passive house requirements. That a building is environmentally friendly and saves operating costs. It can meet the expectations of the future builders and become easier to sell. The sale price is in the long term stable.

You have a stable investment and low operating costs. An intermediate rafters insulation with the 20-25 cm-insulation thickness is not possible, of course, only if the rafters to be doubled. Of course, this solution is associated with high costs. (Additional support structures for insulation and drywall).Either the attic is small or the building slightly higher (possibly with new planning application).

ECOPUR offers a solution. The new insulation material of ECOPUR has extraordinary properties: closed by construction and better thermal resistance corresponds to 10-12 cm ECOPUR insulation for 20-25 cm of the most commonly used insulating materials. The ECOPUR insulation is designed as situ. This injection method allows windproof connections and seamless insulation layers. Additional roof sheeting can be omitted.

The insulation material is self-adhesive and foaming fills the hard to reach openings also. After hardening also increases the rigidity of the roof truss. The execution is very fast and convenient. If an interior lining of the roof truss is available, the application of external take place. The roof tiles are removed, executed the work and re-laid the roof (renewed possibly).

    Advantages of ECOPUR situ technique(spray foam technology):

  • quick and easy execution,
  • The interior of the roof shall not be affected,
  • properly air thick barrier to the rafters, windproof by the insulation
  • much greater insulation ability, reduced insulation thickness, thus no additional construction
  • through highly effective insulation less heating costs, costs for air conditioning

There is a subsequent thermal insulation for the roof with excellent quality. The execution is carried out without remodeling the interior of the roof.

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